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Jesus V.

"Josan really knows how to make guitar classes easy and engaging for kids. My nine and seven-year-old daughters both adore their teacher. As they make substantial progress with the instrument, they also feel like they have a stake in the class, being able to choose some of their favorite songs to practice with. What I appreciate the most about Kingwood Arts Academy, is their capacity to work basic music theory concepts into entertaining and digestible class routines. Not only is my children’s love of music growing by the day, they are also building the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of music that will serve them throughout their lives."

Bryan Z.

"I highly recommend Josan to anyone looking to learn the guitar. At 39, I was concerned that it would be too late for me to learn an instrument, and Josan showed me that simply wasn’t true. His passion for music is contagious. His teaching style is upbeat, fun, and always patient. He focuses on what I want to learn, never forcing me in a direction I don’t want to go. Learning an instrument is a big time commitment. Once you’ve met Josan, you’ll know right away that you’re spending that time with someone you’ll look forward to seeing at every lesson!"

Jessica E.

“My son loved taking guitar lessons from Josan! Josan is a kind and patient teacher who is also very knowledgeable and skilled. He brings great experience to the lessons and also makes it fun! My son made a lot of progress with him and looked forward to his lesson every week. We highly recommend him!”

Joaquin C.

"I've been taking guitar lessons at Kingwood Arts Academy and I can say that the classes are fun, entertaining, interesting and that you get to learn many useful things that will help you to be a better musician! "

Bhargav G.

"I have been learning to play the guitar from Josan for about two and a half years and have had a great experience. Along with covering the basics and theory Josan works with me on songs l know and love which makes it enjoyable. He is patient and knowledgeable and provides ideas for how I can fit in practice in my schedule and work on difficult parts of a song.
While we used to meet face to face to learn, we now meet online and I can text clips from my practice in between sessions.
Josan is professional, friendly, punctual and a very nice person to work with. I highly recommend learning guitar with him."

Colin K.

"I’ve been a student of Josan’s for almost four years now and I can say with confidence, that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now as a musician if I hadn’t started lessons.

Arguably one of the most important commitments I’ve made as an aspiring artist, Josan not only identifies the root of your aspirations as a progressing musician but fosters a sense of encouragement and personal growth. What we’ve worked on together has not only influenced my playing in a major way but I’ve found that it has affected my perspective as well. Ultimately, we all are striving to be better and what I’ve learned extends far beyond the guitar but towards life in general.
Teaching is a craft, I’ve had 3 to four instructors over my life as a guitarist and it’s honestly difficult to find a teacher who truly knows how to ​teach.​ When I find a good teacher (considering how difficult they are to come by) I stick with them. Playing guitar is a constant learning experience. From amateur to advanced, to professional and beyond, there is never a time where you will be short on material. The most helpful thing for me has been being under the guidance of a teacher, one that genuinely cares.

Finding a teacher you want to stick with is challenging, there is always the fear of compatibility or fear of stagnation but with Josan all those concerns are put to bed. Josan is as qualified as they come but no amount of qualifications will make up for a bad teacher, no matter the subject. Teaching is as much about knowing what ​not​ to do and with Josan you’ll have the best of both worlds– a professional musician and most importantly, a professional teacher.

Nothing will replace one on one lessons. Not online programs (which I’ve tried) and certainly not on your own without proper direction. Josan provides the freedom to work and accomplish your goals and approaches guitar instruction in a methodical fashion that guarantees results."

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