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The basis of all musical studies is the component of rhythm. Not only is establishing a steady overall beat important, but it also executes rhythmic variations within that beat. This may sound somewhat complicated, but a drum lesson can become a fun and interactive experience for a student of any level. Drums are one of the most enjoyable instruments anyone can learn and are an excellent choice for kids and adults alike! We teach diverse styles such as rock, pop, jazz, Latin, and more. Drum lessons at Kingwood Arts Academy are taught with total musicianship in mind while providing a comprehensive music education that includes theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, coordination, and history. We offer weekly private drum lessons to students starting at age five and have 30 and 60-minute lessons available. We have expert music teachers dedicated to tailoring music lessons to your interests by learning about your musical goals and helping you achieve them. Learn to play the beats to your favorite songs, or improve percussion technique for your band at school. If your little one is energetic and banging on pots and pans at home, drum lessons can be a great creative outlet!


All of our drum instructors love working with beginners and have experience creating a structured program to help students master all the foundational aspects of drumming technique, rhythm, theory, and reading music. Instructors use method books and the student's favorite songs to teach concepts. Music instructors teach the basics of playing a song or exercise and establish good practice techniques from the beginning of the student's study. In a drum lesson, the teacher can provide constructive ways to practice that are outlets for creativity and efficient for mastering a specific technique or rhythm. Though drums and percussion instruments can easily make sounds using incorrect techniques, this instrument group enjoys using proper grip, posture, wrist motion, etc. Drum instructors will introduce and demonstrate how to execute these points, and the student will have a newfound understanding of the fine movements that go into playing correctly.


Whether students have been self-taught or have experience from another instructor or school, we know how to help them reach the next goal. Intermediate or advanced drum students learn to play more challenging music and fine-tune and polish their playing by mastering advanced techniques and theoretical applications. Advanced intermediary grooves, shifts, and meters are taught and drilled until perfected. Whether students want to learn a new style, prepare for a life-changing audition, get good enough to join a band, or keep playing for fun, our music teachers have the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to get them there. Our expert music teachers tailor music lessons to your musical ambitions!


There is no more excellent way to liberate stress than banging on the drums to your favorite songs! Drums and percussion instruments naturally lend themselves to creative expression. Some of the most innovative and exciting improvisational music is composed for percussion instruments because they can be much less regimented than other instrument groups. Also, rhythm is at the heart of every person and can be explored in the study of drums. Our instructors enjoy working with adults, whether they are new beginners or already have some playing experience. A drum instructor will have many exercises for their students centered around ways to vary rhythmic patterns within a steady beat, reinforcing percussion study's individuality and improvisational spirit. After personally discussing your specific goals, our instructors will create a structured plan that will lead you to success before you know it, all while jamming out, relieving stress, sharpening your skills, and having a blast! Learn more about our adult music lessons by reaching out to us!

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Jill Chappell Zylker

3 months ago

Josan is an excellent teacher who incorporates creative activities with the developmental stage of each student. He is incredibly engaging and attentive and utilizes positive reinforcement as an effective learning tool. I would highly recommend Kingwood Arts Academy!


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Luis Fuenmayor

3 months ago

Josan is an excellent teacher, with lots of patience and dedication. He is very focused on having his students understanding the proper technique, so they don’t develop bad habits or incorrect positions on the instrument, while still keeping the lessons very fun and dynamic.


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We are available seven days a week to serve you. Our lessons are month-to-month, and we teach from 1-year-olds to adult students!

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