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Our Story

Welcome to Kingwood Arts Academy of Music!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am José Antonio Pinto, the founder and director of this beautiful project. My journey with the academy began as a private lesson studio in Kingwood, Texas, a testament to my deep love for music and its transformative power. This passion soon evolved into a mission to reach as many students as possible, leading to rapid growth, a move to a commercial location, and the formation of an exceptional team of instructors who share my dedication and passion to teaching. Today, we offer lessons to a diverse range of students, from 1-year-olds to adults, and provide high-quality music education to hundreds of students.


I have taught music for over 20 years in different environments, from private lessons to working in schools, creating music education programs for children and teenagers, and as a university professor. I have taught young children, teenagers, adults, and senior students. From all this experience, I know that the number one factor that makes anyone succeed in music, regardless of age, experience, or background, is staying close to what you love and working on what moves your heart. That's it.



Our approach to music education goes right there. We deeply value the gift and uniqueness that each of our students brings. We strive to understand what they love and move their hearts and how they like to learn, and we constantly ask ourselves, Who do I need to be for this student right now? What type of teacher does this student need at this very moment? This personalized approach sets us apart and ensures that each student's musical journey is framed on a path of exploration, joy, and growth.

The results are outstanding: self-confidence, new skills, creativity, joyous exploration, and valuable lessons for life are what we see time and time again. Our students never stop surprising us and leaving us in awe as they progress in their musical journey.

From our Early Childhood Music Program to any instrument lessons we teach or joining one of our ensembles, I encourage you to join us and unleash your passion and creativity through music. It is so worth it!

We are honored you are here. Thank you for being an outstanding parent looking to offer something great to your children. Thank you for being an adult student trying to expand and find something extraordinary for yourself! Let's walk this path of joy and fulfillment together!


We are available seven days a week to serve you. Our lessons are month-to-month, and we teach from 1-year-olds to adult students!

Call now to reserve your spot!







A one-time registration fee of $35 is due at the time of registration.

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Why should you choose us versus anyone else?

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