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1) Why choose Kingwood Arts Academy of Music?

Because this is what we have to offer: music lessons for one-year-old to adult students with the core foundation in enjoying the learning process, customized to the uniqueness of how each student likes to learn, in a safe and nurturing environment, with unlimited makeup lessons, schedule options seven days a week, unparalleled scheduling flexibility, and our guarantee that no matter what happens, you'll never miss a private lesson that you paid for


2) Are Music lessons really that important for children?

Absolutely. Music lessons are highly beneficial at any age, and robust scientific evidence supports it. Formal music training at an early age has been proven to boost brain development, language acquisition, mathematical abilities, and social-emotional skills, among many other things. The bridge that connects both brain hemispheres becomes more robust, and the messages travel faster from side to side. On top of this, there is the joy of playing music. Click here to watch a fascinating Ted Talk on this subject.


3) How early can my child start taking music lessons?

Your child can start structured music training as early as one year old. The earlier they start, the better for their development. We teach from one-year-old to adult students and have many options within our music programs to fit families' needs.   


4) Who can take music lessons at your academy?

We teach all levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and welcome anyone interested in developing a new skill and gaining the many benefits of music education. From parents enrolling their toddlers to school-age children, teenagers, young adults, and seniors, our teachers are ready and willing to guide their musical journey.


5) My family has a hectic schedule; how can we fit music lessons?

Although we can't create a 25th hour in your day, we offer unparalleled scheduling flexibility, which allows families with busy schedules to take their music lessons consistently. We are open seven days a week, provide unlimited makeup lessons (which allows rescheduling private lessons), and our students can switch between in-person and online classes at their convenience. We can accommodate several family members taking their lessons simultaneously, which is highly convenient. And remember, we guarantee that no matter what happens, you will never miss a private lesson you paid for.


6) Do I need to purchase a musical instrument to take lessons?

It depends on the type of lesson the student is taking. Students enrolled in our Early Childhood Program don't need to purchase musical instruments. Students taking instrument lessons (guitar, piano, drums, etc.) will need an instrument at least after the first two weeks of classes to practice at home. Many cost-effective alternatives work very well for beginners and intermediate students. For instance, piano students don't have to buy an acoustic piano; excellent electronic keyboards work very well. Drum students can start working with practice pads instead of buying a drum set.


7) Do you offer recitals?

Yes! We hold recitals twice a year, in Summer and Winter. These recitals offer students an excellent opportunity to go on stage and develop their skills in performing live music. Participation is optional; we encourage it, but it is not mandatory (nothing in music is mandatory). There is no cost or extra payment for participating.


8) Can I sit in my child's lessons?

Without a doubt! We have an open-door policy, and parents and caregivers are welcome to be present during each session if they want to do so.


9) What is the commitment once a student enrolls?

Our lessons are month-to-month. To stop the lessons, we just have to receive notification by the 15th of the student's last month. It's as simple as that. There are no semester-long or year-long commitments.


10) I'm an adult. Can I take lessons at your academy?

Yes! Many adult students are having a great time while they develop their musical skills under the guidance of our teachers. Whether you are starting from scratch or already know how to play an instrument, we are here to help you achieve your musical goals faster while enjoying the journey.


11) Does my child have to be gifted to play a musical instrument?

There is no such thing as a magic gift for music. The best musicians in the world, the virtuosos, the music geniuses, become who they are because of their LOVE for music and how much they ENJOY playing their instruments. Because we understand this, we focus on fostering in every student a deep love for music, and the first and most important lesson we teach is to enjoy the journey fully. Every single child is gifted and talented, and music is no exception in this fact of life.

Guitar strings and tuning peg

Why should you choose us versus anyone else?


We are available seven days a week to serve you. Our lessons are month-to-month, and we teach from 1-year-olds to adult students!

Call now to reserve your spot!







A one-time registration fee of $35 is due at the time of registration.

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