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Begin Guitar Lessons for Kids at This Age

Guitar lessons for kids at Kingwood Arts Academy of Music

The guitar carries an unmatched musical coolness factor. Guitar legends like Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Eddie Van Halen, and Slash created rockstar personas that elevated their iconic status. If a picture tells a thousand words, the photo of Eric Clapton poised in front of a wall graffitied with “Clapton is God” needs no additional narrative.

Learning how to play the guitar is one of the most popular musical requests among school-age children. The guitar is the second most played instrument (piano ranks first!) among adult musicians. Many parents wonder when guitar lessons should begin for kids. Is there an ideal age? Here’s what to know about introducing children to the guitar.

Table of Contents:

Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Rhythm Guitar Lessons for Older Kids

Classical Guitar Lessons


Kingwood Arts Academy recommends that children should not begin guitar lessons until they are six years old. This ensures they have the attention span to learn chords and proper techniques. All children learn on an acoustic guitar and will need to graduate to more advanced guitars (like electric!).


Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

Learning a musical instrument provides children with a creative and artistic outlet. Music can improve mood, and music education also could boost IQ. Guitar lessons require children to learn how to read music, and this skill helps them improve memory recall. 

Music education and lessons also could boost confidence. Children feel good when they learn and master a new skill. In addition, music helps children build bonds with other young musicians. The interest in music creates a commonality, boosting social confidence. 

Children who discover a passion for music also gain more musical knowledge and proficiency. Any child could grow up to become the next guitar hero! 

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

Some music schools recommend waiting until age 10 to begin guitar lessons. While Kingwood encourages children to explore their musical abilities when they are interested, our instructors generally recommend waiting until children are six years old to begin their guitar journey.

By third grade, children can sit and focus on learning notes and chords. The guitar requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Younger children may struggle with holding the guitar and learning the chords that correlate to the strings. 

Children begin on an acoustic guitar. Beginning lessons do not integrate electric guitars or bass guitars. Young students must master acoustic guitars and the appropriate chords before they can graduate with a different instrument. 

Online guitar lessons for kids by Kingwood Arts Academy of Music

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Children six years and older have the option to take guitar lessons online. These lessons are designed as one-on-one instruction and are offered in 30-minute or 60-minute weekly sessions. For online guitar lessons at Kingwood, use Google Meet. Parents will need to download the app to launch sessions. 

All online sessions focus on the same fundamentals as in-person lessons. For some students, virtual instruction is more effective and engaging. Students also can alternate between in-person or virtual guitar lessons. 

During virtual sessions, children interact with their instructor. They are encouraged to ask questions and seek out guidance when they need help. Virtual lessons also benefit parents, as there is less stress in driving children to lessons. 

Rhythm Guitar Lessons for Older Kids

Rhythm guitarists are typically the lead singers of a band. The role of the rhythm guitarist is to keep the rhythm and play it perfectly. Rhythm guitar techniques are not focused on “shredding” or solos.This guitar work isn’t “Slash,”  it’s “Izzy.”

Rhythm guitar techniques are more difficult than many players assume. The playing must be precise, and guitar players cannot go rogue. Control is crucial, as is proper speed. As Fender explains, lead guitarists focus on solos and riffs, but rhythm guitarists must concentrate on chords. 

Children learn the basic notes and chords when they begin to play the guitar, and these early lessons help children learn to keep the rhythm. Young guitar players have not yet graduated to the level of rock star soloist. However, their focused work on learning proper technique allows them to understand the more difficult aspects of proper guitar playing. Riffs and shredding come later!

Classical Guitar Lessons

The “classical guitar” is the Spanish guitar. Typically the strings are designed from nylon instead of metal. 

Children could learn to play on a classical guitar, as the string composition could be easier for their fingers. However, many young players express interest in learning on a standard acoustic guitar. 

Classical guitar lessons for children at Kingwood Arts Academy of Music

Register for Guitar Lessons Today!

When children are interested in learning guitar, explore music lessons at Kingwood Arts Academy. Guitar lessons are available in person or virtually for children six and older. Register for one-on-one guitar lessons today!

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